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light bulb moment

I have a some weird hormonal thing mood swings happening with me today. Plus the day is so gloomy. Plus its the 2nd day of no high fives sad sad jo jo. Then something hit me. hit me quite hard. its like an epiphany a stroke of clarity for once.

I just thought of what are the orphanages near our place? then i just saw myself enjoying my time with the orphans. and i know i can share them what i know about life, truths, justice, fairness, of whats important, and suddenly the thought just made me happy.

So i looked up at orphanages, near our house and theres one nearby! and i thought of volunteering first, see what they need help of, i dunno, play with the kids, distribute food or assist in their classes. I have no money but i have time. i can make time. and i thought of maybe i can do part time there. help them in their accounting. Well i just want to get in. 

and i thought this is what i want to do. yeah i like to travel and see places but this is something that will wake me up everyday. talk to the kids, let em see the world as i see it. and im looking forward to see their world through their eyes.

Plus! i dont need to dress to kill or be awkward, ill be in my niche. I just like kids innocence and raw intelligence. their logic. wow im really getting giddy, and i could volunteer maybe a day in a week? i will contact them soon right after the audit season, now this is a real motivation to be done with work. because i will do real work with these kids, and hopefully i could put a smile in their faces. and hopefully find meaning in my life and somehow make a difference in their world.

addicted to adrenalin

cramming cramming cramming!!!

adrenalin rushing!!! well its not yet deadline deadline just deadline for myself. but still YEAARRRGGHH!

adrenalin... thats what i want! what i wuuuunnt!
im in so mch pain lock jaw for more than hour, sister is mybe 30 mins away. shes a PT. i dont want to go to the hospital but i might. am i dying? pain might trigger anurism. i dont know. whatever happens, nice to know you everyone. i think im gonna pass out soon. this is painful. :( im feeling woozy now

coaster shmoaster

up, down, loops and flips
i bite my tongue as i hold on tight
occasionally letting go
feeling the exhilaration
to not care if its the end
if the chain unhinges
if it will ever stop
i bite my tongue as i hold on tight
let it roll let it slide
until i get off the ride
i wont give out a squeak
but ill keep my eyes open
as the world around me spins
i have no choice
but live for the moment
and bite my tongue as i hold on tight

Day 6-Operation Sushi

I love this day cuz today is just right. 

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Day 2 Operation Sushi-Dec 25

Its Christmas! another chaotic day for the pooch. and for a treat ate jmie brought Bea along! she was all giddy eel zeb when they came.

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Writer's Block: Chicken soup

overdose of unsweetened pineapple juice!!!

with my name on it!
What is your cure for the common cold?